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Doctor Strange is the first episode of season three and the first episode in a season long story arc called The Sins of the Fathers.

When Mary Jane Watson is brainwashed by a demonic cult Spider-Man must get help from an unlikely source.

This episode also introduces the characters Doctor Strange, Wong, Dormammu, and features the first full appearance of Baron Mordo. Additionally this episode introduces Madame Web and sets up an over arcing story for the rest of the series.



In the night sky six ninja clad people fly through the sky. Spider-Man then web swings by but misses the ninjas by only a few seconds. Spider-Man thinks to himself that New York City feels very empty after losing the woman he loves, Mary Jane. Spider-Man then remembers back to the night Mary Jane disappeared. He was at his home along with his Aunt May, Harry Osborn, the police, and Mary Jane's aunt, Anna Watson. Peter told Anna that Mary Jane was meeting a man she thought was her father. Anna Watson then blames Peter for Mary Jane's disappearance. While he is on a rooftop Spider-Man tells himself that Anna Watson has every right to be angry at him. However, as Spider-Man looks above his head he sees the ninjas flying above his head.


Meanwhile inside a mansion called the Sanctum Sanctorum an Asian man named Wong is in a large room meditating. Wong then hears a sound coming from the other room and goes to see what made the noise. Wong notices that a window was opened and then he is attacked by the ninjas. Wong is able to fend them off for a while but is soon overpowered. However, Spider-Man arrives and traps one of the ninjas in his webbing. However, he is easily able to break free and Spider-Man realizes that they have super strength. One of the ninjas comes behind Spider-Man and grabs him. As Spider-Man struggles he pulls off her hood revealing that it is really Mary Jane which Spider-Man is shocked to discover.


Mary Jane then drops Spider-Man and shoots beams from her eyes. Mary Jane then sees and ancient artifact called the Wand of Watoomb and orders the ninjas to take it after they kill Spider-Man. For a brief moment Spider-Man is able to dodge the beams coming from the ninja's eyes. However, Mary Jane shoots lasers from her eyes and the force of the blast pins Spider-Man against the wall.


As one of the ninjas reaches for the Wand of Watoomb is mysteriously rises into the air and floats into the hands of a man. The man helps Spider-Man off the ground and as the ninjas fire more energy beams at them he quickly creates a force field made of magic. As the man makes the force field bigger is forces Mary Jane and the ninjas to fall off the balcony. They realize that the sorcerer is far too powerful and they flee. As Spider-Man begins to chase after them the sorcerer that helped them fight the ninjas tells Spider-Man that great power that he can not comprehend. However, Spider-Man ignores his warnings and goes after them. As Spider-Man swings after them he grabs a Spider-Tracer and throws it at Mary Jane and it sticks to her leg. However, while Mary Jane is flying she looks behind her and sees Spider-Man. Mary Jane then uses the beams from her eyes to break Spider-Man's web line and he starts to fall but is able to save himself.


A short while later Spider-Man is able to track Mary Jane and the others to a building called the Center for Reunification. As Spider-Man approaches the building he is repelled by a force field. As Spider-Man wonders what just happened the man from earlier appears before Spider-Man in an astral form. He tells Spider-Man that the Center for Reunification is protected by the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and urges Spider-Man to leave. Spider-Man refuses to leave and asks who he is. The man then introduces himself as Doctor Strange, the master of the mystic arts. The astral form of Doctor Strange then vanishes and Spider-Man swings away now knowing where Mary Jane is. However, Spider-Man wonders how he is going to get inside with the force field around the building. Spider-Man also wonders how Mary Jane got involved with a cult.


Meanwhile inside the Center for Reunification the cults leader, Baron Mordo, chants a spell. As soon as Baron Mordo is finished Mary Jane approaches him and and says that she had a wonderful visit with her father. Mordo tells Mary Jane that that is the purpose of the Center for Reunification. Baron Mordo then orders Mary Jane and the others to return to their room. As soon as Mary Jane and the others leave a window to peer into another dimension appears and Mordo's master, a demon known as Dormammu, appears in the window and he scolds Mordo for not retrieving the Wand of Watoomb. As Dormammu continues to shout at Mordo, Dormammu tells Mordo that without the Wand of Watoomb he will remain trapped in the Dark Dimension and to get the Wand of Watoomb no matter what the cost.


Back at the Sanctum Sanctorum, Doctor Strange places the Wand of Watoomb in a glass container. Doctor Strange realizes that Mordo must have been behind the attack. As Wong asked how he could know that Doctor Strange tells Wong that it is time he knew the truth. Doctor Strange then began to tell the story of how he first encountered Baron Mordo. Doctor Strange tells Wong that several years ago he, Stephen Strange, was a prominent doctor in New York City. However, he was in a car crash. Stephen Strange survived the crash but his hands were shattered which ended his career as a surgeon. The accident left Strange a broken and bitter man. Somehow Stephen had learned about an old sorcerer named the Ancient One who lived in the far corners of Asia. Stephen Strange found the Ancient One but Strange wanted an instant cure but the Ancient One wanted Stephen Strange to become his pupil. Strange was angered by this and began to walk out.


However, Strange learned that the Ancient One's student, Baron Mordo, was planning to kill the Ancient One. As Mordo unleashed a spell to kill the Ancient One, Stephen Strange attempted to warn him but was stopped by Mordo. However, the Ancient One already knew about Mordo's plan and was able to use his magic to defend himself. The Ancient One told Stephen Strange that there was goodness in his heart and Strange agreed to become the Ancient One's pupil so he could learn how to fight Baron Mordo and others like him. Doctor Strange then tells Wong that all these years he has been preparing himself to fight Mordo.


At that moment Peter Parker is at the Daily Bugle researching the Center for Reunification on a computer with Joseph Robertson. Peter and Robbie discover that the head of the Center for Reunification is named Baron Mordo. However, Robbie tells Peter that the Center for Reunification is really a cult. Peter knows that he has to save Mary Jane but he wonders what kind of a hold Baron Mordo has over her.


Peter then goes undercover at the Center for Reunification. To do this Peter pretends to join them. Once inside Peter begins to look around and eventually finds Mary Jane's room. Peter then tells Mary Jane that he is there to take her home. However, Mary Jane replies that she will not go home because Baron Mordo has reunited her with her father. Peter then questions Mary Jane about the robbery she was part of. However, Mary Jane believed that she was visiting with her father. As Peter attempts to take Mary Jane away she activates an alarm and a guard rushes in. Peter is captured but does not escape because he does not want to use his spider powers and reveal his secret identity. The cultist then take Peter before Baron Mordo. Mordo tells Peter that Mary Jane came to him because she wanted to be reunited with her father. Mordo then questions Peter and asks if there is anyone he wants to be reunited with. Mordo then uses his magic powers to read Peter's mind and learns that he wishes to meet his mother and father. Mordo enters Peter's mind in the guise of his mother and tells him that she will never let him go again.


A short while later Peter awakes in a bedroom in the Center for Reunification. Peter wonders if he really saw his parents and then decides to get Mary Jane out of there before Baron Mordo brainwashes him as well. However, at that moment Baron Mordo telepathically communicates with his disciples, including Peter Parker, and controls their minds and orders them to get the Wand of Watoomb.


Moments later Mordo's disciples attack Doctor Strange and Wong at the Sanctum Sanctorum. As Doctor Strange is about to use one of his spells Spider-Man arrives and shoots a web line at his hands. Doctor Strange is shocked to see Spider-Man working for Baron Mordo. As Spider-Man pulls Doctor Strange up to the window the disciples overpower Wong and Mary Jane takes the Wand of Watoomb and flies away. As Spider-Man is about to drop Doctor Strange to his death Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to learn that Spider-Man is under a spell. Doctor Strange then uses the Eye of Agamotto to remove the spell from Spider-Man. As Spider-Man awakes from his trance he is confused and asks Doctor Strange what happened to him. Doctor Strange reveals to Spider-Man that Baron Mordo placed him under a hypnotic spell and that Mordo now has possession of the Wand of Watoomb.


Meanwhile at the Center for Reunification Baron Mordo rejoices that he now has the Wand of Watoomb. However, Mordo uses his magic to make himself look like Mary Jane's father.


Back at the Sanctum Sanctorum, Doctor Strange tells Spider-Man that the entire planet is in danger now that Baron Mordo now has the Wand of Watoomb and that with the wand Mordo will free his master, the Dread Dormammu. As Spider-Man asks who Dormammu is Doctor Strange uses his magic to create an illusion of Dormammu. Doctor Strange then explains that Dormammu is is an evil entity that travels from dimension to dimension draining the life force out of entire universes. Spider-Man tells Doctor Strange that he will help him. Doctor Strange then tells Spider-Man that odds of them surviving are slim to none. However, Spider-Man still agrees to go with Doctor Strange.


As Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong arrive at the Center for Reunification the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak once again surround the building. However, Doctor Strange is able to use his magic to a hole in the Bands of Cyttorak. The three of them then walk through the opening and the shield closes behind them.


As the three of them go inside they are attacked by several cultists. At that moment Baron Mordo grabs the Wand of Watoomb and starts the spell to release Dormammu. However, Spider-Man sneaks up behind Mordo and shoots a web line at the Wand of Watoomb and pulls it out of Mordo's hand. Doctor Strange then comes in and and both he and Baron Mordo use their magic to battle each other. Spider-Man tells Wong that they must help Doctor Strange. However, Wong replies that Doctor Strange is the only one powerful enough to defeat Baron Mordo. During the battle Doctor Strange uses his Eye of Agamotto to subdue Baron Mordo. However, Dormammu is able to take possession of Baron Mordo and begins to fight Doctor Strange. While watching Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo battle Spider-Man decides that he has had enough of sitting on the sidelines and jumps through a portal into the Dark Dimension.


As Spider-Man enters the Dark Dimension he is confronted by Dormammu who believes that Spider-Man is a fool for challenging him in his own dimension. Dormammu then transforms into a giant fire breathing dragon and attacks Spider-Man. Back at the Center for Reunification, Doctor Strange is able to defeat Baron Mordo and Mordo flees before he can be captured. Doctor Strange then jumps through the portal to the Dark Dimension to help Spider-Man. As Spider-Man is still battling Dormammu in his dragon for Doctor Strange fires a beam from his Eye of Agamotto which causes Dormammu to drop him. Doctor Strange and Spider-Man rush toward the portal but the portal is sealed by Dormammu. However, Doctor Strange is temporarily able to use a spell to trap Dormammu and escape through the portal back to Earth.


As Spider-Man and Doctor Strange arrive back at the Center for Reunification Mary Jane asks where her father is. Spider-Man tries to tell Mary Jane that Mordo tricked her but Mary Jane does not believe him. Doctor Strange then releases his and Mary Jane's astral forms and they travel into Mary Jane's memories. Doctor Strange shows Mary Jane a memory of her father from when she was just a child. Her father was a verbally abusive man that eventually abandoned her. Doctor Strange then told Mary Jane that Baron Mordo used his magic to seemingly reconnect her with her father which in turn gave Mordo power over her. Mary Jane then sees the truth behind what Doctor Strange said. However, Dormammu's hand comes out of the portal and he grabs Mary Jane and pulls her into the Dark Dimension. Spider-Man goes toward the portal but he is stopped by Doctor Strange who tells him that Dormammu must be invited into are world by Mary Jane and that he will try to trick her.


In the Dark Dimension, Dormammu takes the form of Philip Watson and attempts to trick Mary Jane into releasing him. However, Mary Jane is able to see through Dormammu's tricks and she renounces him. Mary Jane is then pushed through the portal and Spider-Man catches her. Doctor Strange is glad to see that Mary Jane was able to resist Dormammu's temptation and uses a spell to close the portal. However, the rapid decrease of magical energy that was being released from the portal causes the Center for Reunification to collapse. However, Doctor Strange is able to use his magic to teleport himself, Spider-Man, Wong, and Mary Jane outside.


They end up on a rooftop across the street from the Center for Reunification and they watch as the center vanishes. Spider-Man asks Mary Jane if she is alright and she answers that she is fine. Spider-Man then thanks Doctor Strange and Wong for their help and he leaves with Mary Jane. However, Doctor Strange's begins to sense that he and Wong are being watched by a being with even greater power then him.


Actor Role
Christopher Daniel Barnes Spider-Man / Peter Parker
John Vernon Doctor Strange / Stephen Strange
George Takei Wong
Tony Jay Baron Mordo
Ed Gilbert Dormammu
Philip Watson
Sara Ballantine Mary Jane Watson
Majel Barrett Anna Watson
Gary Imhoff Harry Osborn
Linda Gary May Parker
Rodney Saulsberry Joseph Robertson
? Mary Parker
Peter Mark Richman Additional voices



  • North America
  • America
  • New York
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • Nevada
  • Las Vegas (Mentioned only)
  • Ancient One's temple



  • Anna Watson was mention several times during the first season. She finally appeared for the first time in this episode.
  • Toward the beginning of the episode, Spider-Man says that he is finally cured of his mutation disease. This happened at the end of the last episode, The Final Nightmare.
  • Mary Jane vanished at the end of The Final Nightmare.
  • While Peter Parker and Joseph Robertson research Baron Mordo, Peter mentions that first he lost Mary Jane to Harry Osborn and now he has lost her to the cult. Mary Jane began to date Harry Osborn in the episode, Blade, the Vampire Hunter.


  • This episode is based on The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 (1965).
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 an evil sorcerer named Xandu stole the wand of Watoomb not Baron Mordo.
  • Toward the end of the episode Spider-Man tells Doctor Strange "May your amulet never tickle." This line was taken directly from the end of The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2.
  • Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are Christopher Daniel Barnes two favorite Marvel Comics superheroes.[1]
  • In 1966 John Vernon voiced Iron Man in the cartoon series, The Marvel Super Heroes. According to John Semper Jr. when John Vernon came into the studio to record his lines as Doctor Strange, Vernon turned to him and said "This is how I use to do the voice of Iron Man when he was wearing his armor." John Vernon then put a styrofoam cup over his mouth and spoke into it which muffled his voice.[2]


  • When you first see Wong he is in a large room in the Sanctum Sanctorum meditating. To Wong's right there is a statue that appears to be modeled after Gautama Buddha, who is more commonly known simply as Buddha. Buddha was an ascetic and sage, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded.
  • It is possible that Wong was originally from Nepal since he is Asian and Nepal was where Buddha was born.
  • George Takei, who voices Wong, is a Buddhist.
  • The Center for Reunification is protected by the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Cyttorak was the magical being that gave the X-Men foe, Juggernaut, his power.
  • After Spider-Man witnesses Doctor Strange use his magic powers Spider-Man says "He should take that act to Vegas. All he needs is a couple of tigers." This is a reference to the magician duo, Siegried & Roy. Siegried & Roy became known for including lions and white tigers in their shows.
  • This episode features a TaleSpin reunion of sorts. Ed Gilbert provided the voice of Baloo on TaleSpin, and Tony Jay voiced Shere Khan.
  • This episode also features a Star Trek reunion. George Takei played Hikaru Sulu and Majel Barret, the wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, played a nurse on the USS Enterprise.
  • The dimension that Dormammu is trapped in is never named. In the comics Dormammu's home dimension is called the Dark Dimension.
  • Since Peter didn't know his parents it's odd that he would want to be reunited with them instead of his Uncle Ben whom he was very close to.
  • Originally the animation producer jumbled up the dialog. Because of this Doctor Strange was given Dormammu's voice. This mistake made it seem that Doctor Strange was encouraging Mary Jane to join Dormammu. However, John Semper Jr. caught this mistake and was able to fix it before the episode aired.[3]
  • Season three had fourteen episodes but only eight of them dealt with sins committed by fathers. This episode dealt with the sins committed by Mary Jane's father, Philip, who abandoned her when she was a child.

Episode review

A review by Amazing Spidey from Marvel Animation Age

The 3rd season opener was certainly a strange one. Taking it's queue from an old Amazing Spider-Man annual, it featured the first and only animated team up of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange until Ultimate Spider-Man. Continuing from last season's cliffhanger, Spider-Man is searching for the missing Mary Jane Watson, and it appears someone has taken over her mind.

The opening fight in Dr. Strange sanctuary was defiantly a cool one, and was surprisingly well animated. Dr. Strange has a cool design and the voice, provided by John Vernon fitted the character. This was my first introduction to Dr. Strange, and it was a nice one. I could have done without Wong, his sidekick. I usually like sidekicks, and this one wasn't too bad until they arrived at the villains hideout, where most of his lines were really, really stupid. "Steel is mightier than wood!" Indeed.

The villains were not what I expected from Spidey, but then again, they were Dr. Strange's villains, so they weren't too out of place. The same can't be said their later appearances [1] [2] however. I really don't think they were needed in the Venom and Carnage episodes. Especially considering those episodes already had 2 villains.

It was weird seeing Peter's parents in the dream sequence. Until now, the show had basically avoided all mention of them. I would've thought that Uncle Ben would've been used but I suppose, with Peter not remembering his parents, he'd miss them more.

Overall, Dr. Strange was a good episode with a solid plot, nice animation and some good characterization from all concerned. It got the 3rd season off to a strong start.


"The city looks gigantic when you've lost someone you love in it."


"Anna Watson has every right to be angry with me. I should've been there. I'd finally gotten rid of my mutation disease but what good is it if I've lost the woman I love?"


(A ninja breaks through Spider-Man's webbing.)

"Hey. These guys have got super strength."

(Mary Jane comes up behind Spider-Man grabs him and starts squeezing him tightly.)

"And this one's got a bear hug like a bear!"


"We have found the Wand of Watoomb! Stop Spider-Man and then we can get it!"

-Mary Jane Watson

"By the power of omnipotent Oshtur I command you to cease!"

-Doctor Strange

"I don't know who you are or how you did that but thanks."


"I summon forth the shielding power of the Vashanti!"

"Impressive. He sure puts Mysterio's hocus pocus to shame."

-Doctor Strange & Spider-Man

"Wait. They posses powers you can not possibly fathom."

"Thanks for the warning, but I've got a personal steak in this."

-Doctor Strange & Spider-Man

"The Center for Reunification. I hope they don't mind if I have a little reunion of my own."


(Spider-Man is repelled by a force field surrounding the Center for Reunification.)

"What is this?"

(Doctor Strange appears in his astral form.)

"The Crimson Bands of Cyttork. I urge you to turn away from this place."

"Not a chance. Who are you anyway?"

"I am Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts."

(Doctor Strange uses his magic to disappear.)

"He should take that act to Vegas. All he needs is a couple of tigers."

-Spider-Man & Doctor Strange

"Oh, Brother Mordo, I had such a wonderful visit."

"Good, child. This institution's purpose is to make you contempt and fulfilled."

"Oh, I am. For the first time in my life I'm really happy."

-Mary Jane Watson & Baron Mordo

"You have failed me!"

"Master, Master Dormammu!"

"You did not retrieve the wand! I am doomed! Doomed! I need the Wand of Watoomb! Bring it to me no matter what the cost!"

-Dormammu & Baron Mordo

"Mordo. It can only be Mordo."

"But Doctor, how can you be so sure that it's him?"

"It fits in with his dark purpose. It is time you knew the whole story, Wong. Ours is a deadly rivalry that began years ago when a car accident ended my career as a prominent New York doctor. I lost the delicate touch that a surgeon requires. It left me a bitter and broken man. Finally, in desperation, I trekked through the far corners of Asia to seek a maven known only as the Ancient One. I wanted an instant miracle cure! But the Ancient One told me to study with him to learn his mystic ways and find the cure within myself. Alas, I was too bitter to listen. On my way out, I came across the Ancient One's student. His name was Mordo. He was attempting to destroy the Ancient One and take his place. I had to warn the old man! Mordo tried to stop me. But luckily, the Ancient One had known of Mordo's plot and was prepared. The Ancient One told me I had been tested, and that there was goodness in my soul. I agreed to become the Ancient One's pupil so I could fight Mordo and the evil magic he stood for. I have studied the mystic magics. My life has taken on deeper meaning as I have prepared for the inevitable confrontation with Baron Mordo."

-Doctor Strange & Wong

"Brother Mordo. So he's the head of the Center for Reunification?"

"Yes. It's some kind of secret cult. They say this Mordo fellow recruits his disciples with promises of reuniting them with lost love ones."

"First I lose Mary Jane to Harry. Now to this dangerous cult. I have to find a way to save her. But what hold does this Mordo have over her?"

-Peter Parker & Joseph Robertson

"Mary Jane arrived seeking the truth about her father. She has found it and found him! Why would you deny her such fulfillment? Isn't that what were all longing for? After all isn't there someone with whom you want to be reunited? Ah, yes. Of course there is."

-Baron Mordo

"Where am I? What happened? Did I really see my parents? I've gotta get Mary Jane and get out of here before Mordo brainwashes me too!"

"My children are time is at hand. We must dispel our enemies. Listen to my words. You are the army of Dormammu. You must recover the Wand of Watoomb! Let nothing not even your own destruction stand in the way."

(Mordo's spell brainwashes Spider-Man.)

"Nothing will stand in my way."

-Peter Parker & Baron Mordo

"Nothing will stand in the way of Mordo's will! Not even you Doctor Strange!"

"Spider-Man listen to me! Spider-Man! Oh great all seeing Eye of Agamotto you must come to my aide! As I suspected. Omnipotent Vishanti empower my amulet. Remove the spell that clouds his mind."

"Doctor Strange? How did I get here?"

"The all seeing Eye of Agamotto revealed to me that that you had been placed under a hypnotic spell by Mordo and now Mordo has the Wand of Wattomb."

-Spider-Man & Doctor Strange

"I'm over joyed with your success my child."

"Thank you father. Oh daddy, I love you."

"And I love you to, my child."

-Baron Mordo & Mary Jane Watson

"Are world is in grave peril now that Mordo has the wand. No doubt he will try to use it to free the Dread Dormammu."


"Dormammu is a powerful, evil entity who travels from dimension to dimension draining the life energy out of whole universes. Now he wants to come to feed on ours. He must draw the life force out of our reality or starve. Dorammmu has ultimate power. If I face him it will be the struggle of my life."

"But I'll be there to help you."

"I must warn you. The odds against us returning alive are astronomical."

"Big deal. I've been through the Bronx. I'm ready."

-Doctor Strange & Spider-Man

"All is now prepared master. The wand is ours."

"I hunger for new life energy to devour. Release me into your dimension."

"With pleasure. The time has come."

-Baron Mordo & Dormammu

(Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong arrive at the Center for Reunification but discover that is is protected by the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.)

"Looks like they're closed for the night."

"I invoke the Hosts of Hoggoth."

(Doctor Strange's spell causes a hole in the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to open.)

"Remind me to call you if I ever lose my house key."

"Here we are again Wong. About to leap into the unknown to fight the deadliest battle of our lives."

"Exciting is it not, doctor?"

"It is."

"No offense but you guys are really weird."

-Spider-Man, Doctor Strange & Wong

(As Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Wong enter the Center for Reunification they are surrounded by cultist.)

"Ah, look. The welcoming committee."


(The cultist attack Wong with bo-staffs. However, Wong slices through the staffs with his swords.)

"Steel is mightier than wood. And lets not forget good is mightier than evil."


"By multiplicity's dictum."

-Doctor Strange

"By the power of the wand I release my master, Dormammu into this dimension!"

(Spider-Man shoots a web line at the Wand of watoomb and pulls it out of Baron Mordo's hand.)

"You borrowed this without asking permission! So I'll take this little do hickey out of your hands!"

-Baron Mordo & Spider-Man

(Doctor Strange starts to fight Baron Mordo.)

"Wong, we have to hep him!"

"You can not. This is a mystical battle and only Doctor Strange can win."

-Spider-Man & Wong

"My years of devotion to the dark arts have made me strong. Stronger then you!"

"No. You betrayed the Ancient One. I will show you the folly of your decisions. Omnipotent Oshtur empower my amulet."

(Baron Mordo is exposed to a ray of light from the Eye of Agamotto.)

"Observe servant of evil as the mighty light of Oshtur blots out you darkness."

"Help me."

"Mordo, you are a weak fool! I will have to attack him through you! Now you will know what true power is Strange. I call down the Rain of  Raggadorr!"

-Baron Mordo, Doctor Strange & Dormammu

"Okay, I've had enough sitting on the sideline."


"You dare to challenge me in my own dimension? So be it."

(Dormammu transforms into a dragon.)

"Maybe this wasn't such a smart move after all."

-Dormammu & Spider-Man

"I summon the Seven Rings of Raggadorr. Come to my aide."

-Doctor Strange

"By the light of Agamotto disperse Dormammu's magic!"

-Doctor Strange

"Spider-Man we must get back through the portal and close it!"

"I can go along with that!"

-Doctor Strange & Spider-Man

"I control this side of the portal and you will not escape!"


"Vapors of Voltorr hold him fast!"

-Doctor Strange

"I call upon the energy of the twelve moons of Munnopor!"

-Doctor Strange

"The wand give it to me!"

"Go fetch!"


(Spider-Man throws the Wand of Watoomb and Dormammu tries to grab it. However, Spider-Man catches the wand with a web line.)

"You'd do well in obedience trials but your not very fast."

-Dormammu & Spider-Man

"Daddy. are you in here daddy?"

"No. Your father isn't really here. Listen to me! Mordo tricked you!"

"I don't believe you! I have to find him!"

"Let me handle this. Mary Jane you must learn to face the truth about your father."

(Doctor Strange shows Mary Jane a vision of her father being verbally abusive to her.)

"Look on your father as he was. We all have emotional ties that have been severed in our lives and Mordo knows how to use his magic to seemingly reconnect them. I suspect that is what he did to gain power over you. You must embrace them and let go of your bitter memories. You understand. Excellent."

-Mary Jane Watson & Doctor Strange

(Dormammu reaches out through the portal and grabs Mary Jane and pulls her into the Dark Dimension.)

"You can not help her now. Dormammu must be accepted into our world by someone who embraces him, like Mordo. He will try to trick her into inviting him."

-Doctor Strange

(Dormammu uses his magic to disguise himself as Philip Watson.)

"You have come to me my child. Stay here and we can be together."

"Your. . . your not my father!"

"Yes, yes I am my child. Come to me, trust me, obey me."

"No! No! This is all wrong! This is another trick! Your not my father! Stay away from me!"

"Do not reject me! That is the one thing you cannot do! No!"

-Dormammu & Mary Jane Watson

"She did it. She had the strength of mind to see through Dormammu's ruse. And now I chant the words to close this portal of evil once and for all. Taun taun cham fon craw."

-Doctor Strange

(The Center for Reunification starts to break apart.)

"We must go doctor. The fluctuation of the diminishing portal's energy is threatening this entire area."

"Yes Wong. By the power of the Vishanti."

-Wong & Doctor Strange

"Thank you Doctor Strange, Wong. Thank you for everything."

"It has been a pleasure fighting by your side Spider-Man."

"You are a worthy ally in the battle against darkness. May the Vishanti watch over thee."

"And may your amulets never tickle."

"The Vishanti has smiled on us and I hope they will do the same for Spider-Man and Mary Jane. Are work here is now. . ."

"What is it doctor? What's wrong?"

"I sense that we are being watched by someone whose powers dwarf my own."

-Spider-Man, Wong & Doctor Strange