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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Deathlok is a cyborg zombie that was created to be an assassin.

History in the comics

Originally, Michael Collins was a computer programmer working for Roxxon Oil. He thought that his programming for artificial limbs was going to be used to help handicapped people, not knowing that it was actually being used for the Deathlok Project.

After he found out about his work being used for the creation of a killing machine, he complained to his friend and boss, Harlan Ryker, not knowning that Ryker was behind the Deathlok Project. Ryker betrayed Collins and had his brain placed into the Deathlok cyborg body.

When Michael awoke, he found himself in the cyborg body, but unable to control it. The Deathlok cyborg was then tested, and Michael watched in horror, unable to do anything, as his cyborg body killed a couple of soldiers.

Eventually, Michael gained control of the Deathlok cyborg and set out to find Harlan Ryker and make him pay what he had done to him.

Michael caught up with Ryker as he was making illegal weapons sales to a private army. Before Michael turned Ryker over to the authorities, he found out that his human body still existed, somewhere.


Because Deathlok's brain is half robotic he can store much more information then a normal human.

Being half robot Deathlok can interface with other computers and control them.

Deathlok's cybernetics gives him superhuman strength, speed, and agility.


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