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Deacon Frost is a vampire and the father of Blade.


Deacon Frost fell in love with a woman named Miriam Brooks.

Frost and Miriam then conceived a child together that as a teenager became a vampire hunter called Blade.

Soon after Blade was born Deacon Frost abandoned Miriam.

When Blade grew up he discovered that he was a dhampir, a being that is half-human and half-vampire. This was because when Frost and Miriam conceived Blade, Frost passed on his DNA to Miriam. Because Blade was not directly bitten by Frost he was only half-vampire.

While the X-Men were being attacked by Alpha Red and his vampire followers, Deadgirl used Cerebro to communicate with magical elf known as the Darkhold Elf. Deadgirl wished that there were no more vampires on Earth. The Darkhold Elf granted Deadgirl's wish and used his powers to turn all vampires on Earth into normal humans. This means that Deacon Frost is now a normal human.


Deacon Frost was never shown using any of his vampire abilities. However, it could be assumed that like all vampires, Frost has enhanced speed, strength, senses and must feed on blood to survive.

In the comics


Deacon Frost was a scientist looking for the key to immortality. For one of his experiments, he kidnapped a young woman in order to inject her with the blood of a recently killed vampire. The girls fiance broke into the lab, and Frost and the fiance had a fight. During this fight, Frost was injected with the blood himself. The result was that Frost became a vampire but due to the unusual method of his becoming a vampire, he was endowed with a unique characteristic. Anyone he turned into a vampire would generate a doppelganger. He could create an infinite number of doppelgangers by biting each doppelganger, and they would all be under his mental control. Frost intended to use this ability to contend for the position of Lord of vampires, a position that was presently held by Dracula.

Deacon Frost is the vampire responsible for the death of Blade's mother; Blade's initial mission is to exact revenge against his mother's killer. It was also Frost who turned Hannibal King into a vampire. Blade and King, while initially distrusting each other, eventually teamed up to fight Frost's army of Blade and King dopplegangers. The two of them managed to defeat and apparently destroy Frost in his underground hideout, stabbing him twice and leaving his body to be consumed as his hideout exploded.



  • Deacon Frost was never called by name on screen and his appearance only lasted a few seconds.