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Cyclops is a mutant and leader of the X-Men. Cyclops has the power to fire blasts of energy from his eyes which he controls by wearing a visor.


Early life


As a child Scott Summers went on a camping trip to Alaska with his father, Christopher Summers, mother, Katherine Summers, and brother, Alex Summers. After the camping trip was over the Summers family got into their de Havilland Mosquito and started to fly home. However, the plane was attacked by a giant Shi'ar starship. As the plane caught on fire all of the parachutes except for one was destroyed by the fire. Christopher put the parachute on Scott's back and Katherine strapped Alex around Scott's chest. As Scott and Alex jumped out of the plane they opened the parachute and safely fell to the ground. However, unknown to either Scott or Alex, Christopher and Katherine were teleported onto the Shi'ar ship before their De Havilland Mosquito exploded. There Christopher and Katherine met the evil Shi'ar emperor, D'Ken. D'Ken ended up killing Katherine right in front of Christopher. However, a group of space pirates called the Starjammers were able to rescue Christopher before D'Ken could kill him. Christopher then took the name Corsair and became the Starjammers captain.


After losing his parents and being separated from his brother, Scott was sent to the McNiel Orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska. Once while playing baseball with some kids, Scott accidentally destroyed their ball with his optic blast. The other children nearly beat up Scott. However, a man named Dr. Taylor Prescott, who was involved with the orphanage, arrived and stopped the other children from picking on Scott. Scott began to cry, exclaiming that the other children hated him. However, Dr. Prescott told Scott that the other children didn't hate him; they were only afraid of him because he was different. Dr. Prescott then comforted Scott by saying that they would learn to accept him and all mutants.

Scott was nearly adopted once but he was returned to the orphanage when he lost control of his powers and destroyed the inside of his adopted family's home.

Cyclops in his original X-Men uniform

As a young adult Scott was recruited by Professor X into a group of mutants called the X-Men. Scott took the code name, Cyclops. Scott and Jean Grey were Xavier's first students.

Later life

Leading the X-Men

Command decision


When it was learned that an organization known as the Mutant Control Agency was using its files on mutants to hunt them down, Professor X sent the X-Men on a mission to destroy the files at the Mutant Control Agency. Cyclops then confronted Professor X and told him that attacking the Mutant Control Agency would only make the public distrust mutants even more. However, Professor X replied that they really didn't have much of a choice because the Mutant Control Agency was using the files that had on mutants to hunt them down with killer robots called Sentinels.


Cyclops lead the X-Men on a covert mission to the Mutant Control Agency. As they broke into the building Beast erased all files on mutants from their computers. Cyclops and the X-Men then escaped the Mutant Control Agency. However, they were surrounded by Sentinels. During the X-Men's fight with the sentinels, Morph pushed Wolverine out of the way before he could be shot with the Sentinel's laser. Morph was shot himself and apparently died. Cyclops was unable to rescue Morph and ordered the X-Men to get on the Blackbird. As the X-Men entered the Blackbird they flew off. After the X-Men arrived back at the Xavier Mansion, Wolverine punched Cyclops in the stomach for leaving Morph behind. Cyclops and Wolverine nearly got into a fight but they were stopped by Jean Grey.

Cyclops and the X-Men were later able to track down the Sentinels home base. as they entered the base the X-Men destroyed the Sentinels and freed Jubilee who had been kidnapped by the Sentinels.

Misplaced trust


When Scott and Logan attended Beast's trial Sabretooth burst into the courtroom and began to attack everyone. The guards responded and nearly killed Sabretooth. However, Scott saved him. Scott told Logan that he should have helped. However, Scott did not realize that there was bad blood between Logan and Sabretooth. Scott saved Sabretooth and brought him to the Xavier Mansion for medical attention.


Later Cyclops, along with Rogue and Storm, went to a chemical plant called Metro Chemicals to face Magneto. During their fight Cyclops was knocked out. Rogue gave Cyclops CPR. However, while giving Cyclops CPR Rogue absorbed his powers and began to uncontrollably fire beams from her eyes. Cyclops shouted at Rogue to close her eyes which she did. This stopped the beams from Rogue's eyes.

Sometime later Cyclops learned that Wolverine was actually right about Sabretooth. Sabretooth had actually been sent by Magneto to take control of the mansion. Wolverine was able to stop Sabretooth. However, Sabretooth was able to escape the mansion.

Attacking the Sentinels

The X-Men later learned that the Sentinels had kidnapped Senator Kelly and they were going to replace his brain with a computer.


Cyclops and the X-Men managed to rescue Kelly. Cyclops then went back to rescue other members of the X-Men and told Jean that was wasn't going to leave anyone behind like he did with Morph.

The X-Men then defeated the Sentinels.


A few days later Scott and Jean were on a picnic. During this time Scott asked Jean to marry him and she accepted his proposal. However, unknown to either one of them they were being watched by a mysterious figure.

Captured by the Morlocks


When Scott Summers and Jean Grey went on a date they came across a young mutant named Leech stealing some fruit. Humans chased Leech into the subway and Scott and Jean followed Leech to help him. However, this really turned out to be a trap for the humans set by a group of disfigured mutants living underground called Morlocks. When Scott took out one of the Morlocks the others fled. However, one of the Morlocks named Annalee was able to use her powers to make Scott and Jean fall asleep. The Morlocks then took Scott and Jean to their underground lair.


When Scott awoke he discovered that he could open his eyes without his sun glasses. This was because as thanks for saving his life, Leech used his power to temporarily block Scott's powers.


The Morlock named Sunder then took Scott to their leader, Callisto. Callisto explained to Scott that the Morlocks were mutants to grotesque to live on the surface with normal humans so they hide under ground. Callisto also revealed that she needed someone to rule the Morlocks with her and that is why she lured Scott into the subway. Callisto also threatened to kill Jean if he did not agree to marry her. During this time Jean sent Professor X a telepathic distress message.

When the X-Men arrived Callisto showed them Scott's body and told them he was dead. However, Wolverine was able to pick up the scent of the body and learned that it really wasn't Scott. It was really a Morlock named Ape who had shapeshifted into Scott Summers.


Wolverine later found the real Scott. Callisto then ordered the Morlocks to kill the X-Men. However, Storm challenged Callisto for leadership of the Morlocks. Callisto could not refuse because if she did she would lose the respect of the Morlocks. The battle was very quick and Storm ended up winning. Scott and Jean then returned to the X-Mansion.

Meeting Mister Sinister


An evil mutate known as Mister Sinister found Morph shortly after he was attacked by the Sentinels. Sinister revived Morph and twisted his mind to make him believe the X-Men abandoned him. Sinister then began to control Morph. He had Morph take the appearance of a priest and conduct Scott and Jean's wedding.


While Scott and Jean were on their honeymoon they were attacked by a group of mutants working for Mister Sinister called the Nasty Boys. The Nasty Boys managed to place power negating collars on Scott and Jean's necks and they were taken hostage.


The Nasty Boys then took Scott and Jean to Mister Sinister. Sinister revealed that he had been studying them for a long time and believed that with their DNA he could create a powerful mutant army that would be under his control.


Morph later went to the island and confronted Scott and Jean. Morph revealed that he was actually the priest that wed them and Scott and Jean learned that they weren't actually married. Morph also revealed to Scott that he blamed him for leaving him to die at the hands of the Sentinels. Morph almost killed Scott and Jean but he was stopped by Mister Sinister.

The X-Men were able to locate where Scott and Jean were and arrived at the island to rescue them.

After the X-Men defeated the Nasty Boys they fought Mister Sinister himself. However, Scott was able to convince Morph that he was still his friend and Morph attacked Mister Sinister. However, Sinister was too powerful for Morph to defeat.


Scott was able to free himself from the restraints Sinister had him in. Scott then attacked Sinister with his optic blast. Sinister realized he was defeated and ran off.

Scott, Jean, and the X-Men then returned home.

Return of Mister Sinister

Several months later Mister Sinister returned. Mister Sinister had lured Professor X and Magneto to a tropical island in Antarctica called the Savage Land. Mister Sinister also had the Nasty Boys kidnap Jean Grey and bring her to the Savage Land. Mister Sinister then revealed that he was planning on using their DNA to create an army of super mutants.

Mister Sinister then forced Professor X to send the X-Men a telepathic distress message to lure them to the Savage Land. This worked and several hours later Cyclops and the X-Men arrived at the Savage Land.


However, when the X-Men arrived they destroyed the machine that was negating their mutant powers and freed Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, and Magneto. Cyclops then used his optic blast to shatter Mister Sinister's body into several tiny pieces.


Mission to space


One night Professor X had a dream about a battle being fought deep in space. In this dream a woman asked Professor X for his help. Professor X then summoned the X-Men to the War Room. Professor X then told the X-Men to sneak aboard the space shuttle, Starcore and go to the Eagle 1 space station. Professor X told the X-Men that if they did not do this the crew of the space shuttle would die.


After the X-Men got into the base they subdued the shuttle crew and put on their space suits. Jean Grey also used her telepathic powers to make it appear to the shuttle's captain, Peter Corbeau, that they were his crew.

Cyclops shooting the controls to Erik the Red's laser

When the X-Men got to the Eagle 1 space station they were attacked by a man named Erik the Red. Erik the Red intended to use a laser on Eagle 1 to shoot down an alien space craft carrying a traitor to the Shi'ar empire, Lilandra. However, the X-Men were able to stop him.


The X-Men and Peter Corbeau then escaped Eagle 1 on a shuttle. However, they were headed straight for deadly radiation. Cyclops attempted to fly the shuttle himself but was told that without any training they would not survive. Jean then used her telepathic powers to make Cyclops pass out. Jean also used her telepathic powers to absorb Peter Corbeau's flight training. The X-Men and Peter Corbeau then entered a room that was radiation proof. Jean then used the knowledge she had absorbed from Dr. Corbeau and flew through the radiation belt and returned to Earth.

Cyclops and the X-Men witnessing Phoenix rise out of the water

The shuttle crashed into a river in New York City. All of the X-Men were able to get out of the shuttle before it sank except for Jean. Cyclops frantically looked for Jean and began to think that she had drown. However, Jean flew out of the river and into the sky and shouted "I am Phoenix!" However, Jean passed out and fell into the river. The X-Men then took Jean to a hospital.

Because of the strange dreams that Professor X was getting he believed that he was going insane and went to Muir Island to seek help from his friend, Dr. Moira MacTaggert. However, while at the Muir Island Research Center, Professor X was introduced to Lilandra. Lilandra was an alien from the Shi'ar galaxy. Lilandra revealed to Xavier that she was trying to stop her brother, D'Ken, the Shi'ar emperor, from obtaining a powerful weapon called the M'Kraan Crystal which could be used to destroy both of their galaxies. However, Lilandra was kidnapped by Juggernaut. Professor X then contacted the X-Men and they went to Scotland to rescue Lilandra. The X-Men appeared to be out matched when they fought a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard named Gladiator. However, in New York City the Phoenix sensed that Lilandra was in danger and took possession of Jean Grey's body and instantly flew to Scotland and was easily able to defeat Gladiator.


After defeating Gladiator, Phoenix explained to the X-Men that if D'Ken were to get his hands on the M'Kraan Crystal he could use it to destroy both the Shi'ar galaxy and Earth. Phoenix then teleported herself, Lilandra, and the X-Men to Lilandra's ship which was orbiting Earth. However, space pirates known as the Starjammers boarded Lilandra's ship and were able to steal the M'Kraan Crystal and take Cyclops hostage.


Corsair, the leader of the Starjammers, then contacted D'Ken and told him that he would trade the M'Kraan Crystal and Cyclops from half the Imperial Treasury. D'Ken agreed to these terms but secretly planned to kill Corsair once he had to M'Kraan Crystal. However, Corsair was also plotting against D'Ken. Corsair planned to have Cyclops use his optic blast to kill D'Ken at the exchange. However, Cyclops refused to take a life despite Corsair's claims that D'Ken would use the M'Kraan Crystal to kill billions of people throughout the galaxy.


Cyclops and Corsair later met D'Ken for the exchange. As Cyclops was about to kill D'Ken, Phoenix and the X-Men arrived. Cyclops and the X-Men then fought the Imperial Guard. However, the X-Men were unable to stop D'Ken from unleashing the power of the M'Kraan Crystal which threatened to pull the entire universe into it destroying the universe in the process.

Farewell to Jean


Phoenix was eventually able to use her powers to contain the energy of the M'Krann Crystal and in the process trapped D'Ken inside the crystal. Phoenix then took the M'Krann into the heart of the sun so no one would ever be able to use its power again. Before leaving Phoenix told Cyclops that she was sorry she had to leave him. Phoenix then flew into the sun with the M'Kraan Crystal and continued to guard it.


When Cyclops arrived back on Earth, Professor X told him the legend of the Phoenix. Xavier told Cyclops that the Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire but would always rise from the ashes. Professor X then said that the Phoenix represented hope that never dies. As Professor X went away Cyclops stared at the sun set thinking about Jean.

Children of the Shadow


Scott later went to Skull Mesa, Nevada to visit a friend of his and Xavier's named Dr. Taylor Prescott. However, when Scott arrived in Skull Mesa his plane was forced down by a mutant with bulldog features named Watchdog. Scott arose from the wreckage unharmed but realized that his powers were gone because during the crash his sunglasses had come off and and his optic blast was not coming uncontrollably out of his eyes. Scott's power loss was due to Watchdog's own mutant power to suppress the powers of other mutants.


While walking through the desert, Scott was found by a man named Dr. Darrell Tanaka who gave him a ride into town. Scott then asked Tanaka where he could find Taylor Prescott. Tanaka then started to get very nervous. Scott was unable to get answers from Tanaka and decided to look for Dr. Prescott himself.


As Scott searched Skull Mesa for Dr. Prescott, he found that for some unknown reason all of the town's mutant inhabitants were scared of him. Scott then met a group of mutants called the Children of the Shadow which consisted of Toad, Chet Lambert, and their leader, Solarr. Solarr told Scott that he needed to seek medical attention because of his plane crash. However, Solarr suggested to Scott that he seek medical attention in the city. For unknown reasons Solarr was trying to get Scott to leave Skull Mesa.


Scott then went to Dr. Prescott's house and saw that he was not there. Scott then returned to Tanaka's house and demanded Tanaka to tell him what the Children of the Shadow did to Dr. Prescott. However, at that moment the Children of the Shadow entered Tanaka's house and Solarr told Scott that Tanaka wouldn't answer him because he wouldn't let him. Solar and the Children of the Shadow then took Scott hostage and brought him to Dr. Prescott who was in an underground mine. There Scott saw that Dr. Prescott was being held hostage, and was stuck to the mine wall by Toad's slime. Solarr then revealed to Scott that he did this to Dr. Prescott because he dared to oppose him. Solarr also threatened to do the same thing to Scott. However, Solarr ended up letting Scott go because he knew no one in Skull Mesa would help him.


Scott later returned to Tanaka's home. There Tanaka told Scott that Dr. Prescott was using the gold mine to keep Skull Mesa self-sufficient. Tanaka continued by saying that Solarr found out about the gold mine and took control of the town to take it all. Dr. Prescott was the only one who tried to oppose him and because of that he was captured. Scott then tried to get Tanaka to help him fight Solarr. However, Tanaka refused because he feared Solarr would do to him what he did to the others that opposed him. Scott also tried to get the other members of Skull Mesa to stand up to Solarr but everyone was too afraid.


Scott did try and stand up to Solarr. However, Scott was quickly captured without his powers and he was taken to the center of the town where he was tied to a statue of Solarr. As mutants gathered around Solarr lied and said that Scott was a spy that had been sent by Dr. Prescott to steal their gold. Scott shouted that Solarr was lying and that he was no spy and that Dr. Prescott only ever wanted to help mutants. It appeared as if no one was listening to him. However, just as Solarr was about to kill Scott, he was attacked by Tusk, one of the Skull Mesa citizens. Tanaka then rushed up to Scott and used his mutant power to heal to neutralize what Watchdog had done to block his powers. Scott and the mutants of Skull Mesa then rose up and fought the Children of the Shadow. Solarr and his henchmen were then defeated and the slaves were freed, including Dr. Prescott. Scott and Dr. Prescott then decided to catch up.



Shortly after Jean's apparent death Scott fell into a depression and decided to quit the X-Men. Scott then went to Omaha, Nebraska to the McNiel Orphanage where he grew up. Scott soon discovered that, Sarah, one of his childhood friends at the McNiel Orphanage, was now running the orphanage herself.


While at the orphanage a fire stated. Sarah managed to get the children out of the building and Scott was able to put the fire out. Scott soon discovered that the fire was started by a boy named Rusty Collins. Sarah revealed to Scott that Rusty was a mutant that could control fire and that he didn't have control of his powers. A few days prior to this Rusty had been adopted by a wealthy humanitarian named Zebediah Killgrave. However, Rusty frantically told Sarah that he didn't want to go back to Killgrave. However, Scott told Rusty that he was lucky that he had a family now. A short while later Killgrave arrived at the orphanage and took Rusty home with him.

Unknown to Scott or Sarah, Rusty had reason to fear Killgrave. Killgrave was really a mutate that had the power to place people under his mental control. Killgrave was using his powers to force Rusty and the other children he adopted to attack the governor so that he could take control of Nebraska's government. Sometime later Killgrave, Rusty, and the other children attacked Nebraska's capital building. While Rusty and the other children attacked the guards, Killgrave entered the governor's office and placed him under his mental control.


Killgrave was attempting control a multi-million dollar hydro-electric plant. The governor was attempting to block his bid to control the plant. That was why Killgrave placed him under his mental control. Killgrave then used his mind control powers to make the governor resign from office. Scott saw a news report on this and began to believe that Rusty might have been right about Killgrave.


Scott then went to Killgrave's mansion to see if Rusty and the other children we're alright. However, Killgrave ordered Wiz Kid, one of the mutants he adopted, to attack Scott. Wiz Kid was able to knock Scott out and Killgrave had the children place Scott, who was unconscious, in a pool to drown. However, Scott was saved by Sarah. Killgrave was gone, but the children were in the mansion's basement watching a video of Killgrave which was brainwashing them. Scott used his optic blast to destroy the computer monitor and told the children that acceptance had to be earned, not forced upon like Killgrave was teaching them. This broke the mental control that Killgrave had placed on the children, and Scott and Sarah took Rusty and the other children back to the orphanage.


A short while later Killgrave attacked the orphanage in a helicopter. Killgrave then used his powers to make Rusty start a fire in the orphanage. However, Scott fired his optic blast at the helicopter and forced it down. Scott then saved Whiz Kid from the burning building. Killgrave's attack on the orphanage was broadcast on TV which put an end to his political career and possibly got him arrested.

Scott then realized that his real home was with the X-Men and he returned to them.

Return of Jean

Jean later returned to Earth but was still possessed by the Phoenix Force. Through Jean's body the Phoenix was experiencing new sensations that it hadn't in its energy body. Because of this the Phoenix was starting to become corrupted and wanted to experience more.

For a brief time Jean was a member of a group of evil mutants known as the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle knew of Phoenix's power and tried to control her. However, the Inner circle's control over Jean wore off.


Now calling herself the Dark Phoenix, Jean flew into space and absorbed the energy of a sun from a distant galaxy. The Shi'ar witnessed this and knew that if the Phoenix were to drain a sun orbiting an inhabited planet all life on that planet would die. Lilandra and the Shi'ar then arrived on Earth to take Jean prisoner so they could execute her to save the rest of the galaxy. However, the X-Men ended up fighting the Shi'ar Imperial Guard for Jean's fate.


During their fight Jean mentally took control of a Shi'ar ship and used its weapon system to fire on her self. Jean died but the Phoenix Force survived. The Phoenix Force realized that what it did was wrong and told the X-Men that it could take their life force and put it inside Jean to save her. To save the woman he loved Cyclops offered up his life. However, the Phoenix Force told Cyclops that he would not have to die because it could take a small portion of life energy from each member of the X-Men and put it in Jean. The Phoenix Force did this and was able to resurrect Jean. The X-Men were then teleported back to the Xavier Mansion.

The truth about Corsair


When a starship of the Shi'ar Intergalactic Patrol enter Earth's atmosphere while chasing a criminal, the Shi'ar commander, Raknar, contacted the X-Men and asked for their help in apprehending the fugitive. The starship landed in a lake near the Xavier Mansion. Before the ship could sink below the water Cyclops rescued the ships pilot whom he was shocked to discover was Corsair. As they got to land Corsair fainted and in the process of trying to catch Corsair, Cyclops instead grabbed the locket around Corsair's neck. As Cyclops looked at the picture in the locket he was shocked to see that inside there was a picture of his mother and him and his brother, Alex as children. When Cyclops asked Corsair why he had a picture of his mother and brother, Corsair realized that Cyclops was his son. As Raknar caught up with Cyclops and Storm he ordered them to hand over Corsair into their custody. However, Cyclops asked to speak to Corsair for a few moments. Corsair then revealed that he was being framed. Rakner then grew impatient and sent a small fleet of attack drones after Cyclops, Storm, and Corsair. However, they were able to destroy the attack drones.


As Cyclops, Storm, and Corsair escaped Cyclops accused Corsair of throwing away his family so he could travel around the galaxy. However, Corsair tried to explain that wasn't what happened to no avail. The three of them managed to make it to the Blackbird and flew off. During this time Corsair told Cyclops about how D'Ken teleported him and Katherine onto his ship, and how D'Ken murdered Katherine, and how he was rescued by the Starjammers. Corsair also told Cyclops that had he known he was still alive he would have tried to find him.


As Raknar caught up to them he told Cyclops that Corsair had kidnapped a girl named Jandra so she could lead him to treasure. However, Corsair told Cyclops that he was protecting Jandra from Raknar because she had witnessed Raknar murder someone. Cyclops then took Corsair hostage and turned him over to Raknar. However, Raknar also took Cyclops hostage. However, the navigator on the Shi'ar ship revealed to Cyclops that Corsair was telling the truth because she was the one that contacted Corsair for his help. The navigator then freed Cyclops and together they fought Raknar and the other corrupt Shi'ar officers, and freed Corsair in the process. Cyclops, Corsair, and the navigator then escaped the Shi'ar ship. The Shi'ar ship chased down Cyclops and Corsair. However, Cyclops and Corsair lead Raknar into a trap and caused his ship to crash.


The next morning Corsair was about to leave to take Raknar back to the Shi'ar homeworld to stand trial for murder. However, Cyclops asked Corsair to stay on Earth for a little while so they could talk. Corsair agreed to stay for a few hours and asked Cyclops if he was planning to marry Jean Grey.



When Spider-Man learned that he was mutating in to some kind of inhuman creature he went to the Xavier Mansion to seek the help of Professor X. As Spider-Man broke into the mansion he was confronted by the X-Men who were wondering why he was there. However, Spider-Man was able to break free of the restraints he was in and managed to web up Cyclops and the X-Men and run off. Cyclops then shot his optic blast at the web and freed himself. He and the X-Men then chased Spider-Man down. To get away from the X-Men, Spider-Man entered the Danger Room. However, Gambit revealed that he was in there earlier and accidentally left the Danger Room on. As Cyclops asked what program was running in the Danger Room, Gambit answered "Deadly Sentinels." The X-Men were able to break into the Danger Room and fend off the Sentinels. Cyclops then ordered Jean Grey to go to the control room and shut down the Danger Room which she did. Cyclops was later present when Spider-Man told Professor X about his furthering mutation and asked for a cure. However, Xavier told Spider-Man that his work was not to cure mutants but to help them accept who and what they are. Angered by this Spider-Man left the Xavier Mansion. Beast followed Spider-Man but was captured by a security team working for Herbert Landon.


The next day Cyclops and Jubilee were testing the engines on the Blackbird when they received a video transmission from Wolverine who asked where Beast was. Cyclops told Wolverine to check the laboratory. However, Wolverine replied that he already checked the laboratory. However, Cyclops and Jubilee shrugged this off and believed that Beast was fine.


Later on Wolverine was able to track Beast to the Brand Corporation where he fought Spider-Man whom he believed was responsible for Beast's disappearance. Wolverine soon learned that Spider-Man had nothing to do with Beast's abduction and the two teamed up to rescue him. As the two of them managed to rescue Beast from the Brand Corporation, Herbert Landon accidentally fell into a vat of chemicals which turned him into a giant mutant monster. Xavier soon learns of this and sends Cyclops and the other X-Men to help Beast, Wolverine, and Spider-Man fight the creature.


Cyclops and the X-Men then regrouped with Wolverine, Beast, and Spider-Man. Both Beast and Spider-Man devised a way to drain Landon of his energy in order to defeat him. Cyclops piloted the Black Bird into the sky and Rogue flew out of the Blackbird and wrapped a metal cable around Landon. Before Rogue did this Cyclops told her to be careful. However, Rogue told Cyclops not tot worry about her. As Beast activated the machines on the Blackbird they were successful in draining Landon of his power and turned back to a human. After defeating Herbert Landon, Cyclops apologized to Spider-Man for getting off on a rocky start and told him that he was a real team player. Cyclops and the X-Men then returned to the Xavier Mansion.



Scott and Jean later had another wedding with all the X-Men and their friends in attendance. However, shortly after the wedding Scott and Jean were attacked by the Nasty Boys who kidnapped Jean and took her to a place outside of the space time continuum know as the Axis of Time. Mister Sinister was working for Apocalypse who had a mysterious plan that involved kidnapping several telepaths and psychics.

Apocalypse later revealed his plan. Apocalypse had kidnapped the psychics and brought them to the Axis of Time so he could use their psychic energy to stop time and then recreate the universe in his image. However, all the psychics were later freed. Jean, along with all the other psychics, used their powers to defeat Apocalypse.

Everyone's favorite version of the X-Men from the '90s is back!

The information in the following section or sections was not present in X-Men: The Animated Series. However, it was part of the canonical comic book series X-Men '92.

Westchester Wars


When Magneto finally started a war between humans and mutants, which became known as the Westchester Wars, Cyclops was made a captain in the human military and led his troops against Magneto's forces. The Westchester Wars lasted five years and ended with the death of Magneto.

Leaving the X-Men

RCO058 1583448929.jpg

Cyclops eventually desired to live a normal life with Jean. When Cyclops learned about the Clear Mountain Institute whose purpose was to help mutants re-enter society as productive members, Cyclops realized that the world might not need the X-Men anymore. Professor X sent the X-Men to investigate the Clear Mountain Institute. However, Cyclops informed Professor X that after this mission he was leaving the X-Men.

When the X-Men arrived at the Clear Mountain Institute they met Cassandra Nova who ran the institute and everything seemed fine. However, a dark truth about Cassandra Nova was eventually reveled. Cassandra Nova was actually a female clone of Professor X that was possessed by the Shadow King.


Cassandra Nova placed Cyclops and the X-Men in a device called the Mind Field which Cassandra claimed would cure any mutant of a anti-social disorder. However, the Mind Field was a machine that was created to brainwash mutants.

RCO021 1583543450.jpg

While Jean was connected to the Mind Field, Cassandra Nova tried to get Jean to unleash the power of the Phoenix Force so she could feed on its energy. However, Jean's telepathic link with Cyclops allowed Cyclops to enter Jean's mind and attack Cassandra Nova. However, Cassandra Nova was able to fight back and she was extremely powerful. Nova captured Cyclops and Jean and threatened to harvest Cyclop's organs unless Jean came to an agreement. However, Psylocke entered Jean's mind and snapped Nova's neck.


Professor X was later able to stop Cassandra Nova from taking control of Westchester and banished Shadow King to the astral plane. With Shadow King defeated, Cyclops and Jean left the X-Men to lead a normal life.


3999 A.D.


Two weeks after leaving the X-Men, Scott and Jean were living in a cabin in Anchorage, Alaska. While at the cabin, Jean told Scott that she accepted that he was done being an X-Man, however, Jean also told Scott that she wasn't sure she wanted to quit the team.

RCO006 w 1469629483.jpg

Scott and Jean then went to sleep but later woke up in a mysterious place surrounded by monks. Both of them also had their X-Men uniforms on. Cyclops was about ready to fight them off. However, he was stopped by Jean who had read the minds of the monks and learned that they meant no harm. An old woman then approached them and Jean read her mind learning that she was the current host of the Phoenix Force. The old woman introduced herself as Rachel and revealed that she used the Phoenix's powers to bring Scott and Jean to the year 3999 A.D. Rachel also told Cyclops and Jean that in their future, Apocalypse would return and conquer Earth. Rachel continued to say that Apocalypse traveled to other planets to conquer them and in his absence left Mister Sinister to rule in his stead. Mister Sinister's first act as emperor was to kill half of Earth's population. Rachel then told Cyclops and Jean that she used the Phoenix Force to bring them to 3999 A.D. to save what little world they had left.

RCO009 1469629483.jpg

Cyclops and Jean agreed to help Rachel. Rachel told them Sinister could be found at Citadel Sinister, and when Rachel took Jean and Cyclops outside they learned they were in the Savage Land.

The journey to Citadel Sinister was long and treacherous. Cyclops, Jean, Rachel, and another mutant named Blaquesmith had to fight their way through the perils of the Savage Land and Mister Sinister's Marauders.

RCO013 1469629483.jpg

As the four of them made it to Citadel Sinister they had to fight imperfect clones of Jean and Cyclops known as the Essex Men. However, as they made it to safety Cyclops deduced that they were not there to kill Mister Sinister. Cyclops and Jean also learned that Rachel and Mister Sinister were working together.

RCO016 1469629483.jpg

Sinister revealed to Cyclops and Jean that he and Rachel were working together to create a weapon to destroy Apocalypse. Sinister revealed that he tried to create the perfect being to fight Apocalypse, however, when genetic structure wouldn't stabilize he tried using nano-technology to save his life. Sinister then told Cyclops and Jean that he needed their DNA to stabilize his creations genetic structure. Cyclops refused to help Sinister. However, Sinister told Cyclops and Jean that from the moment they set foot in Citadel Sinister, nanobots were collecting their DNA.


After Sinister was done collecting Cyclops and Jean's DNA, Sinister used the DNA to complete his genetic creation to fight Apocalypse. As an incubator opened out fell a child with a metal arm. Sinister gave him the name Nathan. However, Cyclops and Jean realized that Nathan was actually a young Cable, and in turn learned that Cable was their genetic son.

As Rachel was about to take Nathan with her, she was stopped my Sinister. Mister Sinister knew that Rachel was dying and said that Nathan would be better off staying with him so that he could mold Nathan into the enemy of Apocalypse that he was meant to be. However, Rachel refused to let Nathan be raised by Sinister. Rachel then used the power of the Phoenix to disintegrate Sinister's body. However, this last act drained Rachel of the Phoenix Force and killed her in the process. Without the Phoenix Force anchoring them in that time period, Cyclops and Jean faded away. With both Sinister and Rachel now dead, Blaquesmith decided to raise Nathan himself.

2099 A.D.


Directly after disappearing from the year 3999, Cyclops and Jean were sent to another time period, this time the year 2099. Right after arriving in 2099, Cyclops and Jean were confronted by the X-Men of that era. These X-Men believed that Cyclops and Jean were sent by an evil corporation named Alchemax to kill them.

Despite how their first meeting went Cyclops and Jean were able to convince the X-Men of 2099 that they didn't work for Alchemax and joined their team.


While training in the Danger Room, Cyclops and Jean were approached by President Doom. Doom gave Cyclops a spell book called the Darkhold and told him that it wanted to go home. Doom then sent Cyclops and Jean back to their own time along with the Darkhold.

Return home

When Cyclops and Jean arrived in their own time they were dropped into the middle of Generation X's training session in the Danger Room.


At that time the X-Men and X-Factor were fighting X-Force to save Apocalypse. The X-Men and X-Factor believed that Apocalypse was the only one who could save Earth from Xodus, the Forgotten. However, Cable and X-Force believed that Apocalypse couldn't be trusted. During their fight Jean ran up to Cable and revealed to Cable that she knew he was her son.

Cyclops later helped the X-Men fight Xodus. It is unknown if Cyclops re-joined the X-Men after this or not.

Alternate timeline

Days of Future Past

Because of Senator Robert Kelly's strong anti-mutant stance he was targeted for assassination by Mystique and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Mystique shapeshifted into Gambit and assassinated him in that form. Even though Senator Kelly's death was the result of one mutant all mutants were blamed. After Senator Kelly's death a mutant control law was passed and the U.S. government built an army of Sentinels. The Sentinels then began to hunt down mutants all over the country. Some mutants attempted to fight back. However, the survivors were placed in detention camps where the mutants were killed. However, the Sentinels went out of control and began to target normal humans as well.


Sentinels ruled the future where they would either kill mutants on the spot or capture them and take them to detention camps to be killed.


In the year 2032, Cyclops was captured by the Sentinels and taken to a detention camp where he was killed.

This timeline was erased when Bishop traveled back in time and worked with the X-Men to save Senator Kelly's life from Mystique.

Age of Apocalypse

Unused concept art for Cyclops's Age of Apocalypse look

In the year 2055 A.D., Master Mold was rebuilt. Master Mold then had a mutant criminal named Fitzroy travel back in time to the year 1955 to assassinate a young Charles Xavier. Fitzroy was able to accomplish this and because Xavier was killed at such a young age he was never able to form the X-Men.

Because the X-Men were never formed in this new timeline, mutants and humans were at war with each other. This war devastated the entire planet. In this timeline, Magneto lead the mutant resistance against the human army, which also included meta-humans.

In this timeline, Cyclops was a doctor that treated the injured soldiers of the mutant resistance.

The timeline was later restored to normal when Wolverine, Storm, Bishop, and Shard traveled back in time to 1959 and prevented Fitzroy from killing Xavier.

Powers, equipment, and weaknesses



Cyclops has the mutant ability to project red-colored beams of solar energy known as "optic blasts" from his eyes. The power of these beams is drawn from the sun's rays.

His optic blast are so powerful that it can punch a hole through a mountain.


Cyclops wears a visor to control his optic blast. The visor has controls on the sides that allows Cyclops to release his optic blast at will. These controls also can be used to control the intensity of the blast.


Due to a brain injury sustained as a child Cyclops is unable to control his optic blasts. His powers are always active and he must wear sunglasses or his visor to block the energy coming from his eyes.

If Cyclops is not exposed to sun light for a long period of time he will lose his mutant optic blasts power.


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  • While casting Cyclops in X-Men: The Animated Series the creators of the series had in mind a voice that sounded like a young Robert Stack, a young William Holden, and a young Robert Redford.[1]
  • In the episode, Secrets, Not Long Buried from X-Men: The Animated Series it is shown in a flashback that Scott still had control of his powers when he lived in an orphanage. This means that Scott did not sustain brain damage after jumping out of his parents plane. In Earth-92131 it is unknown why Scott ended up losing control of his powers.


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