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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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This version of Spider-Man was enhanced with cybernetic parts.

History in the comics

When Spider-Man and a mercenary named Solo attacked the Sinister Six, Mysterio used his technology to create an illusion that made it appear that Solo was attacking the Sinister Six. However, Solo was really attacking Spider-Man. Before Solo could kill Spider-Man, he was shot several times in the back but survived because of his armor. However, Spider-Man was saved by a man named Cyborg X. Cyborg X then took Spider-Man to a scientist named Oscar McDonnell and he saved Spider-Man's life by turning him into a cyborg.

In 2014, another version of the cyborg Spider-Man was introduced. This version was from another dimension.


Cyborg Spider-Man has all the powers of Earth-616 Spider-Man and is enhanced with cybernetics.


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