Cyborgs are living beings who's bodies are upgraded with robotic parts.


Alistair Smythe

When Alistair Smythe was caught betraying Kingpin, Herbert Landon used his formula to turn Landon into a mutant. Smythe was also upgraded using cybernetic parts. As a cyborg Smythe had enhanced strength and two laser guns sprouting out of his shoulders.


Cable is a soldier from the future. One of his arms was replaced with a robotic arm.


When Chameleon helped Richard Fisk frame Peter Parker, Kingpin had Chameleon's body infused with a techno-organic virus. This virus made Chameleon's body part machine. Chameleon's cybernetics allowed him shapeshift without the use of his Image Inducer.

Doctor Octopus

When Otto Octavius worked for the Hardy Foundation, he created a metal harness with four mechanical arms. During a laboratory explosion the metal harness was welded to Octavius' spine.

Donald Pierce

Donald Pierce is a member of the Inner Circle Club that has one robotic arm.


The mutant known as Forge has a robotic leg.


Gamesmaster has cybernetic implants that allow him to control his telepathic powers.

Garrison Kane

Garrison Kane is a member of Cable's Clan Chosen. He has cybernetic arms.

Lord Scimitar

Lord Scimitar has cybernetic parts all through his body. How he got them is unknown.

Miranda Wilson

Miranda Wilson use to be an actress. While filming a movie scene with explosions, she was caught in the blast and her body was badly burnt. Mysterio was able to save Miranda's life by replacing the damaged parts of her body with cybernetic parts.


The being known as Mojo moves around by spider legs that are attached to his torso.


Motormouth's cybernetics allow her to travel to different dimensions and use her voice to make a loud sonic scream.


During Spider-Man's final battle with Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man beat Dock Ock and removed the metallic arms from his spine and began to wear them himself.

Omega Red

Omega-Red possesses carbonadium tentacles housed within his wrists.

Raza Longknife

Raza Longknife, a member of the Starjammers, has a cybernetic eye.


The Reavers are a group of criminal cyborgs.


Bonebreaker was a member of the Reavers. Bonebreaker had no legs. Instead, Bonebreaker has a motorized chassis propelled by tank treads. This chassis is outfitted with several weapons.

Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike was a member of the Reavers. When Lady Deathstrike was turned into a cyborg, her cybernetics were created using adamantium. Lady Deathstrike has ten adamantium claws, one coming out of each finger.

Murray Reese

Murray Reese was a member of the Reavers. He had cybernetic parts throughout his body.

Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy was a member of the Reavers. Most of his body was replaced with cybernetic parts.


Skullbuster is a member of the Reavers. Skullbuster's cybernetic legs allow him to kick with the force of a pile driver.

Wade Cole

Wade Cole is a cyborg and a member of the Reavers.

Known cyborgs



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