Crime Central is the headquarters of the Kingpin and from there he is able to control the worlds largest criminal enterprise.



When Kingpin rose to power in the criminal underworld he ran his operations from a building that came to be known as Crime Central.


Crime Central was built like a fortress and because of this Spider-Man once lost the signal to a Spider-Tracer he placed on Rhino's leg when Rhino entered the building.


Crime Central was briefly taken over by the Hobgoblin until Spider-Man was able to defeat him. During this time the interior of Crime Central was destroyed by Hobgoblin and Spider-Man's battle. When Kingpin retook his empire he swore that he would rebuild Crime Central bigger and better then before.


Spider-Man and Daredevil later fought Wilson Fisk at Crime Central when Spider-Man first learned that Fisk was the Kingpin.


Spider-Man later learned that Kingpin was holding Spencer Smythe in cryogenic suspension inside Crime Central. Up until this point it was believed that Spencer Smythe died in an explosion at OsCorp.


Kingpin once blackmailed Spot into killing Spider-Man. When Spot carried Spider-Man's body into Crime Central, Kingpin attempted to unmask him. However, Spider-Man was still alive and fought Kingpin. However, all of them ended up having to work together to close a giant time dilation portal in the sky.

Goblin War

When Norman Osborn once again turned into the Green Goblin he burst into Crime Central to kill Hobgoblin who was once again working for Kingpin.


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  • Crime Central was designed to look like the Chrysler Building.
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