The cold fusion batter was created by Doctor Octopus.


The cold fusion battery was created by Doctor Octopus and according to him it could be used to lift mankind out of the depths of poverty. Octavius' colleagues did not believe that cold fusion could be generated in a battery so Octavius approached the Hardy Foundation for funding which was provided by Anastasia Hardy. However, Anastasia grew tired of Octavius' lack of progress and she cut off his funding. After this Octavius moved his laboratory to a basement and could not afford vital safeguards. The battery then exploded and welded Octavius' mechanical arms to his spine.

Several years later Doctor Octopus created another cold fusion battery and showed it to Peter Parker when he arrived to give Doc Ock the ransom money for J. Jonah Jameson and Felicia Hardy. According to Peter once the battery exceeds a certain size it becomes unstable. Moments later Spider-Man picked up the battery and threw it across the room. As Doctor Octopus grabbed it Spider-Man activated a magnet and the magnet attracted Doc Ock's arms to it.

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