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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Cletus Kasady is a mass murderer that bonded to an alien symbiote and became Carnage. However, Carnage eventually became a hero. This version of Carnage appeared in the video game, Marvel Heroes.


Game bio:
Homicidal maniac, Cletus Kasady was serving out his life sentence in prison when a new cellmate moved in, Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom. In the midst of a jailbreak, the Venom symbiote spawned an offspring that bonded to Cletus, creating a symbiote that was stronger and deadlier than either Spider-Man or Venom. Known for cutting brutal and bloody swaths throughout the country has he has more than earned his name: Carnage!

Inverted by the events of Axis, Carnage appears to be acting heroic. . . kind of. Still prone to his violent tendencies, Carnage now fights on the side of the heroes, hacking up any bad guys who cross his path.


Alternate costume

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