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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Bulldozer is an enemy of Spider-Man who's powers were given to him by Asgardian magic. He appeared in the Spider-Man video game.


Early career

At some point Bulldozer was captured by Spider-Man and sent to prison.

Escape from Ravencroft

Bulldozer along with some of Spider-Man's other enemies escaped Ravencroft.


When Bulldozer began to cause havoc in New York City, Spider-Man fought and defeated him and sent him back to prison.


Due to exposure to Asguardian magic Bulldozer possess superhuman strength and a high degree of imperviousness to harm. He can withstand high amounts of concussive force and is bullet proof. 

In the comics


Henry Camp was a Master Sergeant in the United States Army before being dishonorably discharged. Soon after he entered a life of crime and was later caught and headed off to Ryker's Island Prison. He then became cell mates with Dirk Garthwaite, also known as the Wrecker.

Garthwait, together with Camp and two other inmates at Ryker's Island Prison, Dr. Eliot Franklin and Brian Phillip Calusky, made a successful jailbreak and managed to locate his crowbar. Willing to share his power with his allies, Wrecker had the three other convicts join him in holding onto the crowbar outside during an electrical storm. Lightning struck the crowbar, magically distribuing the enhanced strength bestowed upon The Wrecker among the four of them. The Wrecker's three allies then adopted costumes and aliases as well: Franklin became Thunderball, Calusky became Piledriver, and Henry Camp became Bulldozer, constructing a special metal helmet for the occasion. Togther the four superhumanly strong criminals became known as the Wrecking Crew.