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The Brand Corporation is a scientific research company that is owned by Herbert Landon.


The Brand Corporation was founded and run by Herbert Landon.

Several years ago Hank McCoy worked for the Brand Corporation and developed a chemical to cure his mutation. However, the chemical had the reverse effect he wanted and it caused McCoy to mutate further and grow blue fur.

Several years later Herbert Landon revived McCoy's research and recreated the formula. However, this new formula was designed to kill mutants. Landon later had Beast abducted so that he could test the formula on him. However, Spider-Man and Wolverine broke into the Brand Corporation and and saved Beast. In the process Landon accidentally fell into the chemicals and mutated into a giant mutant. Spider-Man and the X-Men were able to defeat him.

In the comics

In the comics the Brand Corporation is a subsidiary of the Roxxon Energy Corporation.

The original Brand Corporation was shut down and Herbert Landon gathered investors and opened a new Brand Corporation which he was the CEO of. 

Before growing fur all over his body Hank McCoy worked for the Brand Corporation. McCoy created a Mutant Growth Hormone at the Brand Corporation. However, McCoy had to drink the formula to keep it from falling into the hands of industrial spies. The formula accelerated his own mutation and made him grow fur all over his body.