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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Boomerang is a criminal that uses special boomerangs with weapons built into them. He appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man television series.


Burrito Run

Boomerang along with Shocker and Grizzly were placed under Mesmero's mind control and were sent after Spider-Man, Power Man, and Squirrel Girl to make sure they didn't interfere with Mesmero's plan to increase his mind control power by using the local cell towers. After Shocker and Grizzly were defeated Boomerang thew two boomerangs at Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man grabbed them with his web and threw them back at Boomerang. As the boomerangs stuck into the wall Boomerang was caught in the webbing that was connected to the boomerangs and was pinned against the wall.

HYDRA Attacks

Boomerang was one of the criminals imprisoned of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier when Doctor Octopus and HYDRA took control of it and turned it into HYDRA Island.

When Spider-Man infiltrated HYDRA Island, Doctor Octopus released Boomerang and other criminals and told them that however captured Spider-Man first would have a place on the new Sinister Six.



Ultimate Spider-Man

  • Burrito Run
  • HYDRA Attacks: Part 2


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