Blade uses a variety of different weapons in his war against vampires.


Blade's weapons were built by Abraham Whistler.

Blade's main weapon is his laser sword.

Blade also owns a motorcycle that can drive up walls, a hook can be fired from the front of the motorcycle to pin enemies against a wall, and the headlight on the front of the motorcycle produces ultraviolet light that can kill vampires.

There is also a compass mounted on the motorcycle. The compass is an ancient and mystical object that tracks vampires by using magic. However, according to Blade the compass works very slowly in larger cities.

Blade also possesses grenades that release a garlic gas that can suffocate vampires.

Blade often uses a crossbow that can fire wooden stakes.

Whistler also created a forcefield generator that is capable to trap vampires.

Blade also owns specialized guns that fire solar radiation and a net. Another one of Blade's guns fires a missle that releases a garlic gas when it explodes.

Blade also possesses another type of grenade that produces a blinding flash of solar energy when it explodes.

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