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The Big Wheel was the main mode of transportation of a criminal of the same name.


It is presumed that the Big Wheel was built by Jackson Wheele who was a criminal that also went by the name Big Wheel.

The Big Wheel was a large mechanical wheel. It had spikes along the bottom which allowed it to drive up walls. The Big Wheel could also fire lasers.

Big Wheel would use the Big Wheel vehicle in his heists.

The Big Wheel was eventually destroyed with Spider-Man used electricity on it which caused the Big Wheel to go out of control. The Big Wheel then crashed into the water.

In the comics


The Big Wheel was built by the Tinkerer for Jackson Wheele.

After Big Wheel crashed the vehicle into the Hudson River it was later taken over by the villain, Overdrive when he joined the Sinister Six.

In the comics the Big Wheel was a metal frame with glass on the sides and around the edges which allowed Big Wheel to look out. In Spider-Man: The Animated Series the Big Wheel was totally made out of metal and used a television screen to see where he was driving.

In the comics the Big Wheel also had two mechanical arms, one on each side.

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