Betty Brandt was a character that never appeared in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Had she appeared she would have worked at the Daily Bugle as Joseph Robertson's secretary.

History in the comics

Betty Brant's mother was a faithful employee to J. Jonah Jameson and after her death Betty was hired as Jameson's new assistant.

Betty was attracted to Peter Parker but eventually turned him down because she wanted a normal man.

Her brother was accidentally killed during a fight between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus and she blamed Spider-Man for his death. Later, she forgave Spider-Man when she realized he was trying to protect him.

She eventually married the Daily Bugle reporter Ned Leeds. When Leeds was posted over seas Betty went with him but found that life impossible and returned to New York. She then turned to Peter but Ned followed her home and she was caught between the two men. Peter regretted getting involved with Betty again and allowed the affair to break abruptly, driving her back into the arms of Ned.

The villain Sin-Eater marked her for death but she was able to escape his murder attempts.


  • On the model sheet for Betty her last name was spelt B-r-a-n-d-t instead of B-r-a-n-t.
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