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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Beetle was an enemy of Spider-Man and Iron Man.


Armor Wars

Justin Hammer gave Beetle stolen Stark Enterprises weapons that he incorporated into his suit. Beetle then attempted to steal a Tibetan diamond from an auction at the Museum of Modern Art. Iron Man quickly took Beetle down and placed a negator pack on his armor which caused a short circuit in his armor. Beetle was then sent back to prison.

Non-canon history


Beetle uses his beetle suit which has a built in jet pack and a variety of other weapons.

In the comics

Abner Jenkins was an ex-master mechanic that left his career to pursue life as an adventure seeking wealth and fame under the Beetle name. A defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four sent Beetle into the direction of a life of crime. Several  years later, Jenkins joined the Thunderbolts, a choice that eventually took him on a more heroic pathway in life.


Iron Man: The Animated Series

  • The Armor Wars, Part I
  • Empowered


  • A character design for the Beetle was made for Spider-Man: The Animated Series but as stated above the series was canceled before he could be used on the show.