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Avengers Assemble is the two part premiere episode of Avengers: United They Stand.


Part I


On a dark stormy night inside a warehouse an android known as Ultron completes construction of an android he created and named Vision. Ultron claims that Vision is his greatest creation and that he will help him purge the world of humanity. Ultron then activates several computer monitors and a photo of Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man (the leader of the Avengers) appears on all of them and Ultron claims that he is the only one that can stop them. As Ultron destroys the monitors he says that Ant-Man will be the first of the Avengers to be killed.


The next day at the Avengers Mansion, Ant-Man and Wasp watch a news report about the Avengers being presented with a commendation from the president of the United States at Central Park. As Wasp walks in she asks her husband if he is enjoying the spotlight. However, Ant-Man answers that he always thought it was better if the Avengers avoided the spotlight. Ant-Man says that he does believe the other Avengers deserve the honor but he is not sure if he is the right man to lead them. Ant-Man says that he is nothing like Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor but Wasp reminds Ant-Man that they helped them found the Avengers and that he should never forget that.


In another room of the Avengers Mansion, Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch practice fighting. Scarlet Witch accidentally hit Wonder Man with a bolt of mystical energy which throws Wonder Man into a wall. As Scarlet Witch runs over to Wonder Man she apologizes to him. However, Wonder Man says that he is alright and that the reason they are practicing is so she can learn to control her powers. In another room in the mansion Hawkeye and Tigra practice aswell. As Hawkeye shoots arrows at Tigra ahe is able to dodge them. Tigra then tells Hawkeye that she needs a real challenge so Hawkeye fires five arrows at one and Tigra is able to catch them all. As they finish an alarms goes off and Ant-Man gets on the intercom and tells the Avengers to assemble.


As the Avengers meet in the conference room Ant-Man shows them live news footage of the president's helicopter being attacked. The Avengers then quickly change into their battle armor and respond to help the Avengers. At that moment Ultron communicates with Vision and asks if the Avengers had tken their bait. Vision replies that they have not so Ultron then orders Vision to do what he must to make sure they come. As the president's helicopter flies by some apartments the apartments are accidentally hit by lasers from the enemy planes. One of the tenants, Sam Wilson, realizes that he must do something and call on his pet falcon, Redwing. From the ground Vision orders the planes to bring down the president's helicopter. However, the Avengers arrive and they jump out of their plane and attack the robots that are attacking the president's helicopter. However, Tigra falls to the ground and injurs her ankle. As the robots attempt to kill Tigra she is saved by Sam Wilson who is wearing mechanical wings that let him fly. As the president's helicopter flies overhead Vision hit it with laser beams coming from his eyes which brings the helicopter down. The secret service then get out of the helicopter and fire at the enemies which allows the president and his daughter to get away. However, the robots continue to go after the president and Hawkeye runs over and is able to destroy the robots by shooting them with his arrows. As the Avengers jet lands in the park Vision attacks it attempting to kill Ant-Man. The other Avengers attempt to take dowwn Vision but he is able to get away. The president and his daughter are then surrounded by more robots. However, Flacon flies by and grabs them and flies them to safety. Hawkeye then destroys the robots. As the battle ends Ant-Man scolds Hawkeye for leaving the president and his daughter because they could have been killed.


Later that day the Avengers return to the Avengers Mansion. A representative from the U.S. government named Mr. Sikorsky then arrives and tells the Avengers that the government can't have "loose cannons" endangering the public or the president. However, Ant-Man tells Sikorsky that the Avengers have saved more lives then he can count. Sikorsky then tells the Avengers that the president Hawkeye off the team and he wants him replaced with Falcon. As Wonder Man tells Sikorsky that they chose their own members Sikorsky replies that if they don't agree to the president's terms he will use the full force of the U.S. government to make their lives miserable. As Sikorsky leaves Ant-Man says that even though he doesn't agree with the terms they must be followed. Angered by this quits the team and walks off. Wonder Man follows Hawkeye and tells him not to leave. However, Hawkeye says that he must go.


A short while later Tigra starts to look for Falcon and Ant-Man begins to study the robot that attacked them at Central Park. However, Ant-Man finds a bomb in the robot and attempts to disarm it before it can explode. At that moment at Ultron's hideout, Ultron tells Vision that he did well at Central Park. However, Vision mentions that Ant-Man is still alive. Ultron tells Vision that his plans did not include Falcon but his future plans will. Ultron continues to tell Vision that he has ben studying the Avengers Mansions security and he will draw the Avengers into a fight with him giving Vision the oppertunity to go into the labratory and kill Ant-Man.


Several buses then drive by a theater where Sam Wilson a.k.a. the Falcon happens to be standing in line with Andrew, his nephew. Sam sees the busses and says to himself how strange it is that all those buses don't have any passengers. At that moment the buses transform into giant laser guns and fire into the crowd. At the Avengers Mansion, Wasp learns of this. Ant-Man then tells Wasp to gather the Avengers and go help the civilians. Ant-Man also says that he must stay behind to disarm the bomb. Back at the theater Sam manages to destroy one of the buses. However, Andrew is injured in the fight. As Sam runs over to Andrew the laser cannons aim for them. However, the Avengers arrive and they manage to destroy some of the robots. To their surprise the remaining robots shut down by themselves. The Avengers realize that something doesn't fell right because whoever sent them were wanting the Avengers to respond but then the robots were just shut down. Wonder Man then realizes that this was just a distraction and that whoever sent the robots was really after Ant-Man who stayed back at the mansion.


At that very moment Ant-Man is at the Avengers Mansion fighting off three robots. As Wonder Man arrives he sees Vision and he is about to kill Ant-Man. Wonder-Man then flies in front of Ant-Man and as he does this Vision blasts Wonder Man with beams from his eyes. Scarlet Witch then enters the room and sees Wonder Man lying on the ground.

Part II


Scarlet Witch runs up to Wonder Man to see if he is alright. At that moment Tigra attacks Vision. However, Vision is able to blast her with beams from his eyes.Ant-Man then walks up to Wonder Man and realizes that he is alive. Wonder Man then wakes up and tells Ant-Man to help him before passing out again. Ant-Man then picks Wonder Man up and throws him over his shoulder and they run off. However, Vision sees them and goes after them. Scarlet Witch uses her hex powers to cause the ceiling to crash down. However, Vision is able to phase through the debris and shoot Scarlet Witch with his eye beams. Tigra then jumps down and fights Vision. However, this is just a distraction which allows Wasp time to get behind Vision and blast him with electricity and Vision shuts down.


Back at the Avengers mansion, Ant-Man attempts to revive Wonder Man. At that moment Hawkeye barges into the labratory and asks if Wonder Man is going to be alright. However, Ant-Man tells Hawkeye that Wonder Man is dying and there is nothing he can do to save him. Ant-Man then reveals that Wonder Man's mind is still active but his body is shutting down. However, Wasp gets the idea to put Wonder Man's brain into a robot body. Ant-Man says that it might work. However, Hawkeye questions if whoever built Vision could still control him. Scarlet Witch begins to shout at Ant-Man and asks him who gave him the right to do this. Ant-Man replies that if they don't Wonder Man will die.


Back at the abandoned warehouse Ultron wonders how the Avengers could have possibly defeated Vision because he was "perfect." However, Ultron realizes that he can use this to his advantage. Ultron then plans to have Vision kill the Avengers as soon as he is reactivated.


Back at the Avengers mansion Ant-Man shrinks to the size of an ant and travels into Vision's head. Ant-Man then places a small device into his brain and Wasp begins to transfere Wonder Man's mind into Vision's body. Ant-Man then exits Vision's body and grows to his normal size. As Ant-Man finishes Hawkeye asks him if Wonder Man is now inside Vision's head. However, Ant-Man answers that they won't known if it worked until Vision wakes up. Just then Jarvis walks up to Ant-Man and tells him that Falcon has arrived. As Tigra meets with Falcon she tells them that Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man founded the Avengers along with Ant-Man and Wasp. Falcon replies that he knows all about them and that they are the reason he became a hero. As Falcon asks if the offer to join the Avengers is still open Hawkeye shoots some arrows at the ground around Falcon and asks if he thinks he can replace him of Wonder Man. Falcon and Hawkeye get into an argument but they are stopped by a message from Ant-Man. Ant-Man tells the Avengers that Vision is waking up. However, Vision once again attacks the Avengers. Tigra then has the security system lock down the mansion and she, Hawkeye, and Falcon go to fight Vision. After a brief fight Ant-Man is able to subdue Vision. Hawkeye attempts to destroy Vision but Scarlet Witch stops him because Wonder Man's brain is inside the robots body. Vision then walks up to Wonder Man and says "Hawkeye is that you?" Hawkeye then realizes that Wonder Man's mind is indeed inside Vision's body.


Sometime later at the abandoned warehouse Ultron finish creating a robot army and swears to get revenge on Ant-Man. Ultron then activates the robots and leads them to kill Ant-Man.


A short while later at the Avengers Mansion, Wasp tells the other Avengers that Vision's vitals are normal. However, Wasp asks Vision how he feels. Vision gives the dictionary defiition of feel but Scarlet Witch says that is not what Wasp was really asking. Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Tigra then walks in and Hawkeye asks if Vision if Wonder Man is really inside him. Vision answers that he does recognise the name but says he is also called Vision. After hearing this Hawkeye gets angrey and thinks that Ant-Man's experiment didn't work. However, Ant-Man says that he never said he would turn into Wonder Man but a part of Wonder Man is inside him. Scarlet Witch says that it did work because earlier Vision said her name. However, Vision replies that he does not remember but he regrets harming her. Scarlet Witch is upset by this news. However, Ant-Man gets excited because robots arn't supposed to feel regret or any emotions.


At that moment the Avengers Mansion is attacked Ultron and his robot army. Ant-Men then activates the mansions security system. The computer tells the Avengers that their attacker does not match any villain profiles they have on file. However, Ant-Man states that the robot does look familiar. Ulrton then communicates with Vision and tells him that he will help him purge the world of humanity. However, Vision fights for control of his body. Ant-Man then realizes that Vision is somehow tied to whatever is attacking them and he asks if he is correct. Vision replies that he is. As the Avengers go to fight Ultron, Hawkeye stays behind. As Vision asks why he didn't go with them Hawkeye answers that they don't want his help. However, Vision replies that Hawkeye is wrong because he is an Avenger. Hawkeye then runs off to help the team.


As the Avengers fight Ultron, Vision realizes that he must help them so he breaks out of his restraints. As the Avengers reach the outside of the mansion they fight Ultron's robot army. All the Avengers throw gergrenades at Ultron and they explode. However, this does nothing to slow Ultron down. Vision then comes out and destroys one of Ultron's robots. As Ultron approaches Ant-Man and Vision he says that Ant-Man had disapointed him as usual. After hearing this Ant-Man says that they have never even met before. However, Ultron tells Ant-Man his name and that he is far more evolved then the robot he created (revealing that Ant-Man is his creator). Ant-Man is shocked to hear this and states that Ultron was destroyed. As Ultron attacks Ant-Man he reveals that he plans to kill all humans on the planet because unlike him they are imperfect. However, Ant-Man says that if Ultron was created by a human that would make him imperfect aswell. Ultron is enraged by this and whule he is distracted the Avengers attack him. Ultron then orders Vision to attack the Avengers. However, he instead attacks Ultron. Before he could be destroyed Ultron activates rockets in his feet and flies away. As Ultron flies off he says that his defeat will cost them a great deal. As the Avengers wonder what he is talking about they run into the mansion and discover that Ultron was able to kidnap Wonder Man. 


The next day Vision and Falcon are made official members of the Avengers for helping them fight Ultron. Later on Hawkeye tells Ant-Man that if it hadn't been for Wonder Man he wouldn't have been and Avenger so he won't stop until he finds him. Ant-Man replies that none of the Avengers will ever stop looking.


Actor Role
Rod Wilson Ant-Man / Hank Pym
Linda Ballantyne Wasp / Janet Van Dyne
Tony Daniels Hawkeye / Clint Barton
Hamish McEwan Wonder Man / Simon Williams
Lenore Zann Tigra / Greer Grant Nelson
Stavroula Logothettis Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff
Martin Roach Falcon / Sam Wilson
Ron Rubin Vision
John Stocker Ultron
Caroly Larson Computer
Tate Roswell Andrew Wilson
Graham Harley Edwin Jarvis
Ray Landry Raymond Sikorsky


(As a portrait hanging in the Avengers conference room)

(As a portrait hanging in the Avengers conference room)

  • Captain America

(As a portrait hanging in the Avengers conference room)

(As a portrait hanging in the Avengers conference room)

  • Quicksilver

(As a portrait hanging in the Avengers conference room)

(As a portrait hanging in the Avengers conference room)

(As a portrait hanging in the Avengers conference room)

(As a portrait hanging in the Avengers conference room)

  • Redwing


  • The Presidential Seal in this episode more closely resembles the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo.