The Argon Matrix Laser was a device created by Otto Octavius and Michael Pingree.


Otto Octavius and Michael Pingree created the Argon Matrix Laser while Octavius still worked at the Hardy Foundation.

The Argon Matrix Laser was designed to only cut inorganic matter. Dr. Pingree believed that by having the laser cut only inorganic matter the laser could be used to target certain types of tumors and tissue.

Doctor Octopus later attempted to steal the Argon Matrix Laser but Spider-Man arrived to stop him. Doctor Octopus captured Spider-Man and attempted to kill Spider-Man with the laser. However, as the laser touched Spider-Man it cut his costume but not his skin. Spider-Man then remembered that Pingree had it set to where the laser would only cut inorganic matter. Spider-Man then turned the laser on Doctor Octopus and it cut through two of his mechanical arms.

Doctor Octopus attempted to steal the Argon Matrix Laser a second time and intended to mount it onto his Octobot. However, Doctor Octopus was once again stopped by Spider-Man.

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