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Anna Watson is Mary Jane Watson's aunt.


Anna loved her niece, Mary Jane Watson, but hated Peter Parker.

When Mary Jane was kidnapped by a cult led by Baron Mordo, Anna blamed Peter for her disappearance.

When Peter was framed for treason Anna Watson had no doubt in her mind that he was guilty.

Sometime later Mary Jane and Harry Osborn got engaged. Anna was glad for Marry Jane. However, Anna couldn't resist rubbing it in Peter's face. When May Parker said she wished Mary Jane would have ended up with Peter, Anna said that when they were together Peter was never there for her. However, Mary Jane later called off her engagement to Harry.

Anna did not like Mary Jane dating Peter. Anna believed that Mary Jane was asking for trouble by dating Peter whom she described as a strange young man.

In the comics

In the comics Philip Watson is Anna's sister. This was not specified in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Anna also liked Peter in the comics.