Ford is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that was assigned to find Felicia Hardy after she was kidnapped by Doctor Octopus.


After Felicia Hardy was kidnapped by Doctor Octopus, Ford was the F.B.I. agent assigned to find her. After arriving at the Hardy mansion he questioned Peter Parker. Peter then told Agent Ford that Felicia was taken by a man with four mechanical arms. However, Ford did not believe his story until Felicia's mother, Anastasia Hardy, told him that the ransom nte was written by an ex-Hardy Foundation employee named Otto Octavius.

When J. Jonah Jameson agreed to help get Felicia back by going on television to tell Doctor Octopus that he was willing to meet his demands Ford told Jameson to keep Doctor Octopus talking so the F.B.I. could get a trace on him. Eventually, Spider-Man was able to defeat Doctor Octopus and save Felicia Hardy and with her rescued Ford's assignment was completed.



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