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Africa is the second largest continent on Earth.


Ororo Munroe was born and raised in Africa in a small village near Mount Kilimanjaro.

As a child Ororo lived in Cairo, Egypt. During her childhood Ororo became a theif that stole for a powerful telepathic mutant called the Shadow King. After Ororo stole a wallet belonging to Professor Charles Xavier, Xavier followed Ororo and learned of the Shadow King. Professor X used his telepathic powers to battle the Shadow King on the astral plane and won. After this Ororo and the other children working for the Shadow King were freed. Ororo then returned to America with Professor X and joined his team of mutants called the X-Men and took the name Storm.

Once a village in Africa named Wakanda was invaded by a man named Ulysses Klaw who wanted to steal a rare metal called vibranium to power a sonic weapon he created. Klaw killed the king of Wakanda but was driven off by the king's son, T'Challa. As an adult T'Challa became a superhero called Black Panther and enlisted the help of the Fantastic Four to help him defeat Klaw who had returned after several years.

Ororo later returned to Africa. When her friend gave birth to a baby that could not breath Ororo resuscitated him. The boy was named MjNari and the boy's mother made Storm MjNari's godmother. When MjNari grew into a teenager he discover that he was a mutant and he could run super fast. Around this time Shadow King escaped the astral plane and possessed MjNari's body. When Storm arrived to help MjNari, Shadow King said that he would release MjNari if she allowed him to take control of Storm's body. However, Storm was able to force Shadow King back into the astral plane.

Sometime later Dr. Mariah Crawford went to Africa to search for her lost colleague, Dr. James Reeves. To help find him Mariah enlisted the help of a safari guide named Sergei Kravinoff. When Mariah found Dr. Reeves she discovered that he had become feral due to a wonder drug. Reeves gave a vial of the wonder drug to Mariah and walked off. As Mariah followed him she was surrounded by a pack of hyenas. Sergei was able to rescue Mariah but he was severly injured while fighting off the hyenas. Dr. Crawford then gave Sergei the wonder drug and it healed his injuries. However, the wonder drug also made Sergei more feral. Sergei Kravinoff then took the name Kraven the Hunter.

Mariah Crawford later went to Africa to combat a plague that was infecting people.