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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Adam is a young mutant.


Adam was an orphan that lived at the Manhattan Orphanage. Adam was also a mutant that had the power to create fire. When the Friends of Humanity learned about Adam they formed a mod outside the orphanage and demanded that Adam be turned over to them. The children at the orphanage were frightened and tried to catch Adam so they could give him to the Friends of Humanity. However, Adam became so scared that he accidentally used his power to start a fire which frightened the other children away. Adam then climbed out onto the ledge of the building and was struck by a rock that was thrown by a member of the Friends of Humanity. The X-Men quickly arrived and Beast tried to catch Adam before he hit the ground. However, Beast was struck by a rock that was thrown by the Friends of Humanity and was knocked off course. However, Spider-Man quickly arrived and grabbed Adam before he could hit the ground.

The X-Men and Spider-Man then took Adam to Empire State University so that Curt Connors could run test on Adam and try to find a way to help him. However, Curt Connors colleague, Dr. Essex, revealed himself to be Mister Sinister. Mister Sinister then kidnapped Adam and Spider-Man and left Beast for dead. However, Gambit arrived shortly afterward and rescued Dr. Connors and Beast.

Mister Sinister manipulated Adam into thinking they were friends, and Adam almost killed Spider-Man because Mister Sinister told him too. However, at that moment Gambit and Beast burst into Mister Sinister's laboratory. The X-Men and Spider-Man fought Mister Sinister and the Nasty Boys and were able to chase them off.

Right after Mister Sinister and the Nasty Boys ran away, Adam began to lose control of his powers. However, Spider-Man was able to calm down Adam down by saying that being a mutant made him unique. Adam then decided to back to the orphanage to show the other children that he wasn't so different from them.


Adam is able to generate flames out of thin air. Adam is young and not able to control his mutant ability. Because of this Adam frequently creates fire by accident when he becomes angry or scared.