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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Absorbing Man is a thief with the power to turn his body into any substance he touches. This version of Absorbing Man appears in the television series, Marvel's Spider-Man.


Screwball Live

Hammerhead hired Absorbing Man to rob a jewelry store.

Spider-Man first met Absorbing Man during the robbery Hammerhead hired him for. Spider-Man managed to capture Absorbing Man. However, Absorbing Man was able to escape when a new hero called Screwball (who was really Liz Allan) interfered.

Absorbing Man later learned that Hammerhead really wanted him to steal a flash drive from the jewelry store. This flash drive had information on it that the Owl was using to blackmail Hammerhead with.

Spider-Man ended up with the flash drive. Because of this Hammerhead ordered Absorbing Man to find Screwball to draw Spider-Man out.

Hammerhead later found out that Screwball went to Midtown High School so Absorbing Man went there looking for her. When Absorbing Man started to threaten the students Spider-Man arrived and fought him. However, Absorbing Man was able to take two students hostage and told Spider-Man to meet him at a construction site with the flash drive.

When Spider-Man arrived at the construction site he was attacked by Absorbing Man. However, Spider-Man was ableto defeat Absorbing Man.


Marvel's Spider-Man

  • Screwball Live


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